Postbank Giro plus friendships

Postbank Giro plus friendships

With over 14 million customers, Postbank is one of the largest financial services providers in Germany. The high popularity of Postbank is the reason for the low-priced products and regular special events. More than 5 million private consumers are looking forward to expert advice and Postbank’s strong branch network. After all, the customer profits from an account opening of sensational conditions. As a particularly attractive action of the Postbank is the friendship advertising, in which both the recruiter and the recruited receive a premium of 50 €. Check out the page best support and resistance indicator mt4.

This is how friendships work

In the recomendation, it does not matter whether the applicant is already a customer at Postbank or not. In this way, both premium and new customers can secure a premium of € 50. Since this offer is limited in time and can only be used on the Internet, we advise you to visit the specially prepared application page and to receive a 50 € bonus after successful account activation. Postbank Giro plus friendships should be valid until the end of the year, with all participants receiving a bonus of € 50. Even the advertiser himself is not even a Postbank customer. In fact, there is no catch on this offer, as the participants have only to fulfill the stated conditions of participation.

About the Postbank Giro plus account

The Giro plus account of the Postbank is free of charge for a fee of more than 1000 €. Also apprentices and students from 22 years of age do not pay any accounting fees, which is why the Postbank Girokonto is suitable for a broad clientele. That is why Postbank regularly promotes new customers with nice promotions, whereby Giro plus friendships bring attractive advantages and rewards for both the advertiser and the promoted. In addition to the 50 € bonus, the free account includes a free credit card as well as a discount at all Shell petrol stations. Thanks to a large branch network, the customer can withdraw cash free of charge at more than 10,000 cash machines at CashGroup.

Postal check at Postbank

Friendliness refers to the conclusion of a postal check at Postbank, which in principle is a good product and offers many advantages to its customers. Especially if the account is managed as a salary account is worth a conclusion, which is also rewarded with a 50 € bonus.

New EU Financial Guidelines, e.g. Solvency II is aimed at a greatly expanded disclosure of information on supervisory authorities as well as on consumers. The purpose of the discussion session is to discuss how to deal effectively with the information and documentation tasks arising from these guidelines.

Find out which additional obligations arise as a result of the planned tougher legal framework and how you can avoid overloading your customers with a flood of information. Experts from the FMA, the insurance industry and the economic chamber discuss what information should be prepared for the customer (voluntarily) and in what way, as well as what is meant by “customer-oriented information service”. The topics also include the monitoring of compliance with the regulations and the sanctioning of violations of the legal regulations.